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Paediatric Level 3 Course. July 2017

This has got to be the most informative PFA course I have attended during my employment in education. I particularly found very interesting the physiology behind why we do CPR and when an individual goes into shock. A rapport was developed quickly with the group and the tutor shared their was experience and extensive knowledge of first aid appropriately.

Banes Schools

EFAW September 2017

Best course I have attended. Likes practical session and ability to ask questions at any time.

EFAW with Sports March 2017

Likes that the trainers make the course specific to their sport and that they deliver actual first aid as well as teach it.

CPR Collated Evaluations – Sessional and Retainer Conference –2016

• Excellent. Needed it anyway for appraisal but enjoyed the update. Especially useful – ambulatory paediatric Resus
• Excellent
• Interactive workshop
• Useful. I think a lot of time could be spent on anaphylaxis
• Fast paced review of up to date guidelines. Good resources and ample opportunity to practice skills
• Good interactive session, integrated appropriately with humour
• Excellent
• Practical abdo thrust good to have done
• Excellent practical session with chance to try skills not able to previously. Same great practical suggestions new to me too
• Excellent again. Complete update on CPR adults and children including choking and anaphylaxis. This should be repeated twice a year
• Excellent, clear instructions, time to practice techniques
• Clear, concise, down to earth. Good selection of resuscitation manikins. Perhaps slightly longer of defibs?
• Good, clear, not too rushed
• Great – interactive. Good to practice choking algorithm
• Best CPR update I have ever attended. Very practical, never used back/ abdo thrust stimulator before.

Training Day for Locums in BLS,
January 2017_Wessex LMCs


Fantastic course leader. Very knowledgeable and made everyone feel at ease.
Very interactive and informative training. Had the chance to practice.
Very informative for all levels
Extremely informative – Didn’t yawn once!
Very good, simple understanding – flow was excellent
Excellent, informative, interactive sessions
Excellent, thank you
Very well run, informative and entertaining as well
Great day, very interesting, great course leader, good rapport
Room too small for number of attendees.
Brilliant teaching technique
Excellent course leader, very helpful and informative

First Aid at Work

Excellent Course meet works needs and was flexible on location to meet our needs.

Brothers Drinks

Excellent Service Highly recommended.

Sexeys Hospital Emergency First Aid at Work

We will certainly be using you again. Perhaps for the Manual Handling course as well.

Paediatric First Aid

Well organised, well structured and very informative

Emergency First Aid at Work with Sports Module

I liked the way the course related to my sports requirements

Liked that the course was martial arts relevant


Sports First Aid

Excellent course relevant to school sports and felt easy asking questions.


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