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Principles and Practice of Manual Handling 

More than a third of the injuries reported to the Health and Safety Executive and local authorities each year, which lead to absences of over 3 days, result from manual handling.

Course Objectives

Principles and Practice of Manual Handling is a qualification which is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills too safely move objects in the workplace.

The course builds on the best practice guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and provides learners with the opportunity to practice safe moving principles.

The Health and Safety and Work Act etc 1974 and the Manual Handling Operation Regulations 1992 require each employer to provide adequate supervision and training and as well as undertake manual handling risk assessments. This qualification will support employers to demonstrate their commitment to the legal obligations and whilst it does not qualify learners to undertake manual handling risk assessments independently, it will provide them with the knowledge to assist the employer in completing the risk assessment.

The qualification is ideal for new starters, existing staff and for a refresher.

The qualification is valid for three years.

Course Content

Learning OutcomeAssessment Criteria
1. Understand the reasons for safe manual handling1.1 Outline the potential injuries and ill health associated with incorrect manual handing
1.2 Outline employers and employees duties relating to manual handling at work
1.3 Outline the consequences for non-compliance with health and safety requirements at work
2. Understand how manual handling risk assessments contribute to improving health and safety2.1 Explain the terms ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ in the context of manual handling work
2.2 Outline the process for carrying out a manual handling risk assessment
2.3 Describe the principle of the risk control hierarchy when applied to manual handling
3. Understand the principles, types of equipment and testing requirements associated with manual handling safety3.1 Describe safe movement principles associated with manual handling
3.2 Outline the types of equipment designed to be used for manual handling tasks
3.3 Outline the requirements for the testing, servicing and examination of manual handling and lifting equipment
4. Be able to apply safe manual handling principles4.1 Demonstrate efficient and safe manual handling principles when;

A. Applying effort to, or moving a load or object manually on their own

B. When using manual handling aids and equipment

C. When undertaking a manual handling task as part of a team
Teaching Methods

Training is based around, individual / group work, and uses both video and lecture format. Evaluation is via continual assessment and a short question paper.

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